This page is still under construction
Some of my projects are not available on this page yet.
An annoying goose for your iDevice
This is an iOS tweak inspired by the game Untitled Goose Game and the program Desktop Goose. It adds an annoying goose on your device which runs around and brings you memes.
EV3 2D Printer Software (for ev3dev)
Better software for JK Brickworks 2D printer
Unlike the software released by JK Brickworks which uses a predefined set of movements to draw text, this project uses g-code to print, which means it is possible to print anything. The source code can be found on Github and a video of the project can be found here.
Inefficient Hexagon
Super Hexagon clone for iOS and macOS
Inefficient Hexagon is a clone of Super Hexagon for iOS an macOS. The macOS version exists thanks to Mac Catalyst. The source code can be found on Github and a video of the game can be found here.
Rate iOS tweaks easily and share your thoughts about them
TweakReviewsDB is a simple utility for jailbroken iOS devices that lets you review iOS tweaks easily. It lets you mark a tweaks as working, partial and broken. It also lets you share your opinion about tweaks and rate them for others to see.
A modern UI for Cydia package manager
ModernDepictions brings Sileo depictions to Cydia, along with new features such as a new homepage and better looking package cells.
Linux repository browser and manpage viewer
Magma is an APT repository browser for macOS and iOS. You can add any APT repository, browse and download packages from your repositories and view files in those packages. The app also lets you view manual pages with its built-in manpage parser (man2html by Richard Verhoeven). The source code is available on Github.