A macOS app for sideloading applications to Apple devices. It was discontinued after AltStore added support for installing IPAs.
An iOS tweak that adds butterflies to your background.
An iOS app for browsing Visual Studio Code stories with a simple interface and playback controls.
Inefficient Hexagon
A Super Hexagon clone for iOS and macOS made entirely with UIKit. It is also the first thing I made which I would call a game.
Loose Bits
"No more debugging. Shoot the bugs." -- A game made for Mini Jam 111: ColorsĀ².
An iOS tweak that adds an annoying goose to your iPhone. It runs around and brings you memes and notes.
An iOS tweak that turns your iPhone into a meadow. It adds butterflies and plants to all apps and it makes birds fly on your screen.
Not An Impostor
An iOS tweak. Floating Among Us crewmates for the background.
An iOS app that tracks the tweaks you install. It also shows packages that were recently removed, upgraded or downgraded.
An iOS tweak for sharing your thoughts about any tweak. Aside from its own reviews, it also shows reviews from other sources.
Utilities for getting Celeste to work on Linux on ARM64.
A Celeste mod for redirecting CelesteNet messages to other applications. Used in CelesteNet Discord Bridge.
A CHIP-8 emulator with the game BRIX bundled in for pongoOS, which is an alternative operating system for iPhone. This is the first game ever made for it.
Preparing The Kanji
A web app for Anki that makes it easier to prepare custom stories for the Remembering The Kanji deck.
A reverse engineering project with the goal of creating a custom remote view controller on iOS.
A Raspberry Pi tool that simplifies the process of displaying statistics on an LCD screen with a simple HTTP API.
A web version of the command-line app sl (Steam Locomotive). It also supports passing a locomotive through several computers.